A well kneaded massage can help

Massage therapy can provide significant and lasting relief to those who suffer from chronic or recurring pain. At A Well Kneaded Massage in Franklin, licensed massage therapist Cameron Hammer helps clients with a wide range of needs to restore wellness and wellbeing by treating the pain at its source.

Some massage therapy only treats the symptoms of pain, providing temporary relaxation or relief. This alleviation lasts only a short while and does not address the underlying issue, forcing clients to repeat the cycle of treating pain again and again with no improvement. A Well Kneaded Massage provides personalized massage therapy designed to help clients with their individual needs. Just as every person is different, every person’s pain is different. Customized massage combines safe, proven practices and techniques in a way that accounts for the client’s condition, pain tolerance, and goals for massage therapy.

Massage does much more than simply relax the body. Effective massage therapy can accelerate healing, lower anxiety, combat depression, promote a healthy state of mind, improve sleep, and guide key nutrients throughout the body. A Well Kneaded Massage has provided massage therapy in Nashville and Middle Tennessee for the last four years, assisting clients with medical massage therapies such as oncology massage, myofascial massage, massage for arthritis, prenatal massage, and more.

Cameron Hammer is a member of the Society of Oncology and Integrated Therapy and specially trained to assist clients impacted by cancer or cancer treatment. He is one of only three therapists who are a part of the Society for Oncology massage in the state of Tennessee. He is also trained to provide prenatal massage therapy, trigger point therapy, myofascial, and massage for anxiety and depression. Whether you suffer from shoulder, neck, or back pain, A Well Kneaded Massage can help.

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