About us

For four years, A Well Kneaded Massage has brought relief to clients in Middle Tennessee and the Nashville area. Cameron Hammer works with every client to target the source of pain for lasting relief.

Personalized Massage Therapy for Unparalleled Results:

Some massage therapies only provide temporary relief of symptoms rather than assisting with the underlying cause of discomfort and difficulty. A Well Kneaded Massage tends to clients’ needs by specifically observing which motions cause trouble and talking to clients about their pain. A custom plan of action is developed to provide effective massage therapy that accounts for the source of pain and the client’s goals for massage therapy. By combining massage therapies for personalized treatment, clients experience breakthroughs where other methods and treatments have failed, achieving pain management and relief for improved health and wellbeing.

Targeting the Source of Pain

Some massage therapies focus only on providing a temporary sense of relaxation rather than promoting actual healing. A Well Kneaded Massage uses specialized massage therapies including medical massage to help clients with a wide range of needs. Only targeting symptoms serves as a bandage for pain, but does not provide a long term solution. Discovering the source of pain helps clients gain consistent relief, heal faster, and manage pain. Specific stretches between appointments target trouble areas and help to keep muscles loose. Customized therapies are designed to use safe, proven techniques in a way that addresses the unique needs of the client for innovative, effective results.

Medical Massage for Cancer, Myofascial, and More

Cameron Hammer is specially trained and licensed as a member of the Society of Oncology and Integrated Therapy to provide oncology massage to cancer patients in Middle TN. Only a handful of massage therapists have the knowledge and experience to safely and effectively perform oncology massage, a combination of techniques which assist in relieving clients impacted by cancer and cancer treatment. Myofascial release relaxes contracted muscles, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulating muscles by relieving trigger points (the sources of muscle pain and dysfunction). Every massage therapy is matched to the client’s needs, sensitivities, and goals.

To learn more about our massage services, please feel free to explore the website or contact A Well Kneaded Massage today.