Benefits of Massage

  • Shoulder/Neck Pain

    Normal, everyday motions and habits such as sitting at the computer, lifting, and stretching can cause pain in the neck and shoulders. Massage therapy for neck/shoulder pain alleviates tight muscles, pain, or tension and helps to increase range of motion, preventing future strains.

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  • Sports injuries

    A sports injury can take you out of the game while making everyday tasks difficult. For athletes that want to feel better faster, sports massage can accelerate healing, provide relief of pain, and promote overall health and wellbeing.

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  • Sciatica Pain

    Sciatica causes pain in the legs and lower back stemming from pinched or irritated nerve roots. Massage therapy for the lower back and hip regions can alleviate and help to manage this pain by lowering tension and promoting beneficial pain-blocking endorphins.

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  • Pregnancy

    There's no need to accept the difficulties of cramps, aches, hormonal changes, and more as just another part of pregnancy. Massage for pregnancy uses safe, effective techniques to relieve these symptoms while ensuring the health and safety of both mother and baby.

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  • Anxiety

    Anxiety and depression are not simply mental or emotional conditions. They have physical links and symptoms including muscle tension and tightness. Massage for anxiety relieves these tensions and help to promote anxiety-fighting endorphins for better state of mind.

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  • Arthritis

    Arthritis causes sore muscles and flare-ups for many individuals with the condition. Massage promotes relaxation, reduces pain, and lowers anxiety to help those with arthritis achieve relief. All massage therapy services for arthritis are doctor-approved and personalized for each patient's needs and abilities.

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  • Headaches

    Headaches impact nearly 45 million Americans every year, but massage can help to alleviate symptoms of migraines, tension headaches, and more in a safe, natural way.

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  • Back Pain

    Back pain stems from many sources including moving, lifting, exercising, and even sitting. Back massage relieves pain and helps to promote relaxation and increased circulation for improved health and function.

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