Pregnancy can be a trying time for any woman with cramps, aches, swelling, hormonal changes, and more causing constant discomfort. Massage provides a natural, safe, and effective means of relieving many discomforts due to pregnancy.

Massage therapy includes a number of styles and services which can be tailored to each client’s needs based on schedule, symptoms, and trimester. Reflexology can assist with pain in the hands or feet. Targeted area massage can help to alieve tensions in particular areas such as the legs, neck, or shoulders. Because certain types of massage can induce labor, it is very important that the massage therapist understand how to carefully and safely work with each client to provide relief of discomfort and promote relaxation. A Well Kneaded Massage tends to clients in all stages of pregnancy and works with clients, midwives, and doctors to ensure all practices are safe and helpful.

The Benefits of Pregnancy Massage:

Massage comes with many therapeutic benefits for pregnancy and overall health. Massage encourages the body to increase production of serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine which help you relax, feel less stress or anxiety, and get a better night’s sleep. All of these help you feel and function better. A good night’s sleep contributes to having more energy, better mental and emotional health, and can help control hormonal changes that accompany pregnancy. Massage also relieves many of the aches and pains expecting mothers feel throughout different trimesters.

If you suffer from swollen joints, gentle massage to the impacted area can help to reduce swelling. Regular message therapy helps to deliver consistent relief and can assist in managing and even preventing future soreness by keeping muscles loose and relaxed while reducing stress and anxiety.

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