Sciatica Pain

Massage Therapy for Lower Back and Hips

Sciatica is a set of symptoms which cause pain in the leg and/or lower back. It is a common condition causing discomfort to many individuals. The sciatic nerve is the longest in the body, which can cause pain to travel all the way from your lower back down through your leg. Massage therapy for sciatic pain, the lower back, and hips can provide significant relief. Sciatica is caused by pinched or irritated nerve roots in the lower back. Massage loosens these tight muscles and also helps to prevent future flare-ups due to irritation or pinching. One reason for this is that massage triggers the release of endorphins which help to provide temporary relief of pain.

Effective massage therapy that relieves sciatic pain requires seeing a massage therapist that understands and knows how to treat the condition. Consult with your doctor and identify what you hope to get out of massage therapy, such as relief of lower back tension. Certain relaxation techniques, such as neuromuscular therapy, can be especially effective in relaxing nerves impacted by sciatica.

A Well Kneaded Massage can deliver the relief of sciatic pain you seek. Massage therapist Cameron Hammer has helped patients gain significant relief from sciatica and other sources of lower back pain. He works with each client to deliver personalized treatment. Whether your goal is to boost endorphins for better relaxation, pain relief, and peace of mind, or you wish to begin regular massage therapy aimed at improving your daily health and overall wellbeing, A Well Kneaded Massage offers Nashville area clients a variety of services to suite your schedule, goals, and needs.

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