Our Process

Our Process and Philosophy

At A Well Kneaded Massage, every client receives customized massage therapy designed to address individual needs with personal care and attention. Pain can prevent people from fully engaging or enjoying life. Other methods of pain relief provide only temporary solutions that do not address the underlying cause or condition. A Well Kneaded Massage targets the source of pain to provide clients with significant, long term improvement.

Getting Started

We begin with a consultation to determine the type of pain or difficulty at work. We discuss what muscles and movements cause pain, underlying and related health conditions, and options for treatment that account for the individual’s pain tolerance level, desired outcomes for massage therapy, abilities and overall health. Clients may demonstrate what specific motions cause them pain. Understanding the trouble areas allows us to create a plan for addressing the cause of these complications. Different forms of massage may be used or combined to relieve specific areas or conditions. Massage not only promotes better physical health through reduction of tension in the muscles, guiding nutrients through the body, or eliminating knots and pinched nerves that disrupt the body’s healthy function and ability. Massage also accelerates recovery for certain injuries, reduces anxiety, fights depression, helps you to get a good night’s sleep, and improves overall wellbeing.

What to Expect

Effective massage therapy does not always consist of relaxing, gentle treatment, but instead is part of recovery or improvement of health much like physical therapy. Massage therapy may cause some initial discomfort, but the pressure applied helps muscles to heal faster, relieves pain, and keeps the client feeling better longer. Like a good workout, the initial discomfort is actually a sign of improving health, and is a small price to pay for the many rewards that result. Stretches and certain exercises at home help clients manage pain between appointments while personalized therapies use safe, proven techniques in a way that meet’s the individuals pain level and ability.

If you have questions about our massage services or wish to schedule an appointment, please contact A Well Kneaded Massage by phone or email.