Shoulder/Neck Pain

We spend hours on the computer, or sitting watching TV, or lifting and reaching. These things are part of our normal routines, yet they can cause pain in the shoulders and neck on a regular basis. This pain isn’t something you should consider normal.

Massage therapy for shoulder/neck pain can help you feel better, sleep better, and promote better overall health. An estimated 15% of Americans suffer from neck pain on any given day, pain which is usually caused by something as simple as hunching your shoulders over a keyboard or working on a laptop. Other causes of shoulder and neck pain include arthritis, pinched nerve, whiplash, muscle strain, or a chronic condition.

Massage therapy for shoulder/neck pain works by focusing on relieving tension in the upper back, shoulders, and neck. But because direct massage of the neck can worsen pain at first, a gentle massage of the arms, legs, chest, and back can help to reduce pain in the neck. This is thanks to the interconnectedness of each part of the body. Massage helps to better posture, keep joints limber, increase flexibility, and lower stress.

Shoulder pain often comes from weak muscles, short bouts of intense activity, or a habit of bad posture. Massage focused on reducing shoulder pain can include therapy to help reduce stiffness in a dislocated or injured shoulder. Massage helps to increase the range of motion of your shoulders by encouraging blood flow in the muscles. Deep tissue massage and Swedish massage are two methods employed to achieve relaxation in the shoulders.

While massage after the fact will certainly help you to feel better, regular massage can help prevent future soreness from ever starting thanks to the increased range of motion in the neck and shoulders. This assists in avoiding future strains.