Sports injuries

A sports injury not only causes pain and discomfort, but can compromise your ability to play your best game, or cause you to sit out entirely. Massage therapy for sports injury is an important part of the rehabilitation process. Massage encourages circulatory movement and relaxes muscles. Through massage, the body pumps more oxygen and nutrients into the tissues and vital organs, increasing flexibility and accelerating healing.

Heal Faster and Get Back in the Game

Sports injury massage helps you heal faster by warming muscles and improving blood flow. Massage also helps the injured area flush out swelling in the joints by stretching tight muscles. Breaking down adhesions in the injured area allows for faster healing, which means you feel better, faster.

Different Therapies Allow for Personalized Treatment

Different massage therapies offer relief and faster healing for many types of sports injuries including neck spasms, nerve pain, broken bones, and sprains. Swedish massage can promote relaxation and energy after an injury. Deep tissue massage concentrates therapy on the injured area, helping to flush lactic acid and other metabolic waste from the injured muscles. This allows oxygen-rich blood to flow into the area, bringing nutrients to the muscles that accelerates the recovery process. Massage even helps eliminate stiffness and improve mobility in areas around a broken bone.

Ongoing Massage for Ongoing Health

Regular massage therapy assists in more than relieving one particular injury. Regular massage promotes relaxation, peace of mind, increased flexibility, and improved pain management. The endorphins encouraged by massage help you feel better both physically and emotionally. When you feel good, it’s even easier to keep up a healthy, active lifestyle.

Whatever your injury, A Well Kneaded Massage has the services and experience to help you achieve your goals for pain relief, relaxation, and more. Contact Cameron Hammer today to learn more and schedule an appointment.