Sports Massage Therapy

Massage can assist athletes in recovering faster from various types of injuries. Whether the injury results from a particular incident or from overuse due to the specifics of the sport, massage can help to accelerate healing and reduce pain.

How does massage therapy help athletes?

Massage provides a natural means of helping to heal injuries and relieve soreness, discomfort, and pain. When regularly conducted, massage can even help to prevent future injuries by keeping muscles loose and in good form. Many sports programs now incorporate elements of massage into the training regimens to enhance athletic performance. Each massage service can be personalized to focus on a trouble area, reduce recovery time, increase flexibility, and relieve soreness.

Other benefits of message therapy for sports and physical activity:

Massage can target muscle-tendon junctions to help increase range of motion and decrease the soreness that often accompanies a workout. Massage helps to reduce pain-causing and stress-inducing substances such as substance P and cortisol. Massage promotes overall health and wellbeing by encouraging the production of substances (such as dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins) that help you relax, sleep better, and feel better. All of this contributes to higher levels of energy and improved health to keep athletes playing their best.

If you engage in regular physical activity, massage can be a beneficial part of your routine. A Well Kneaded Massage can work with you on your schedule to provide consistent relief, accelerate healing, and more with personized therapies that help you achieve your goals. Message therapist Cameron Hammer helps athletes and active clients throughout the Nashville area discover the many benefits of massage therapy. To learn more about the different massage therapies and services available, please feel free to explore the website or contact A Well Kneaded Massage today.