Trigger Point Massage

Many aches and pains throughout the body stem from trigger points. When a particular trigger point (an area within a particular muscle group) becomes tight or pinched, it can cause pain, numbness, tingling, and other discomforts over every area connected to the trigger point, even those at a distance. Massage therapy can help to loosen knots and tensions which cause this pain, assisting in long-term pain management and relief.

What is a trigger point?

A trigger point is a sensitive area of the body which may become irritated causing pain or discomfort in another possibly distant, but connected, part of the body and may be an especially tender area in a muscle. When overstimulated, trigger points may tighten or knot. Massage therapy can help to relieve this tension.

What does message therapy do?

Personalized massage therapy takes a focused approach to reducing pains in particular regions. This focus allows for more concentrated relief. A message therapist can determine the area in which the trigger point lies by having the client lie down in a way that is comfortable. The message therapist will then carefully canvas the body to determine the source of pain. Once discovered, pain may be reduced through carefully applied pressure. The message therapist will take particular care to relieve tension in the trigger points without causing further damage to the area.

Clients should stay hydrated before, during, after massage. This helps to cleanse toxins from the muscles. During the massage, toxins break down and shift from the muscles to the blood stream. Drinking healthy amounts of water helps to wash those toxins out of the body entirely.

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